Sunday, November 29, 2009

Q: What do John Waters, and Mies van der Rohe, and cyborg replicants have in common?

A: They all make star turns in Love, War, and Architecture, a program of films hand-selected by the Lancaster Building Conservancy for the Creative House of Lancaster’s inaugural movie night.  Please join us this Sunday evening for an entertaining night of architecture in film, with refreshments provided and discussion encouraged.  Free and open to the public.

When: 6:00 pm, Sunday, November 29th

Where: 214 West Grant Street (side entrance, the offices of Not Bad Design and Community Heritage Partners).

The Films:

Little Castles (1998, 30 minutes):

An irreverent history of Formstone, the fake stone veneer we love to hate. Shot in and around Baltimore, the birthplace and undisputed Formstone capital of the world.

Lost Buildings (2003, 22 minutes):

A collaboration between Ira Glass (This American Life) and master illustrator Chris Ware (Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth), this short animated documentary tells a heartbreaking story of beautiful buildings, the people who love them, and the people who tear them down.

Los Angeles Plays Itself (2003, 160 minutes):

A razor-sharp dissection of the city of Los Angeles as depicted (and distorted) by Hollywood’s mythologizing lens.

Come for just one, or stay for them all.  Not to be missed by fans of historic preservation, film studies, mid-century modernism, and mid-century kitsch.